Become Masterful at Leading and Consulting to Transformational Change

The Change Leader’s Roadmap™ (CLR) Navigator School is our flagship change leadership program for developing your excellence as a change leader or change consultant. 

We don’t tell you what to change; rather, we teach you how to make any change effort you lead or consult to succeed.

What Makes The CLR Navigator School Unique and Powerful?

The Approach you learn here uniquely integrates the transformation of organizational systems, structure, business processes and technology with the simultaneous transformation of culture, mindest and behavior.

The Approach teaches the conscious design of your change process using a proven strategic guidance system that ensures you address everything needed to succeed. The Approach is end-to-end, ensuring you set up conditions for success right from the start and guides you all the way to full adoption and sustainment of desired business results.

The Navigator School taught me how to ensure all my change initiatives succeed”

Hear what our clients say:

“The Change Leader’s Roadmap breeds confidence in senior executive “Champions” to guide not just a successful transformational change, but most importantly, to develop the mission-critical organizational CULTURE that will ensure unparalleled ROI. Nothing I’ve seen in my 32 years of leading change comes close.”

Jeff Mulligan

Former CEO, Common Wealth Credit Union , City Mayor of Lloydminster

“This course not only provides you the tools to positively affect change, it enlightens you to your power to influence yourself and those around you.”

Clint Perry

Regional Key Account Manager, Bosch

“Being First has broken the code by integrating the leadership of people and culture with business content to deliver results from change. Their instructors are unquestionably the experts in LEADING transformation in business.”

Pete Fox

Former President, Microsoft

The Big Takeaways

You will leave this program:

Equipped with the confidence, structure, process methodology and toolkit to lead the most complex transformations successfully

With strategies to increase the speed and reduce the costs of implementing any scope or scale of change

Expertly handling the human dynamics of change from the beginning of a project

Executing optimal change strategies to drive adoption and breakthrough business results

Able to initiate the conversations to up-level your change plans in real-time with your sponsors, change leaders and project teammates

Comfortable with navigating the breadth of resources in the online CLR Methodology (CLRM), with four months of free access to it

You will learn these critical strategies and skills

Lead organization transformation so it delivers breakthrough results

Assess and mitigate your project’s risks

Accelerate change and reduce its human and capital costs

Create adequate capacity for change

Recognize the different types of change and develop strategies that work for each

Increase commitment and reduce resistance in stakeholders

Ensure full adoption and sustainment of business results from change

Engage stakeholders early so they can contribute their best thinking to the design

Launch your change initiatives to ensure clear change leadership roles and decision-making, executive alignment and support, and accurate scope

Minimize and resolve the complex “people issues” catalyzed by transformation—such as resistance, politics, anger, fear, and loss

Determine a realistic timeline for your project to increase its chances for success

Address mindset as a critical success factor

Create integrated change plans beyond those produced by change or project management

Tailor the CLRM resources for each change effort so you streamline your change process, reduce cost and accelerate speed

Advance your career by increasing your contribution to your change sponsors and organization.

The CLR Navigator School will substantially raise the bar on the value you bring to your projects and organization, making you stand out as a competent leader or consultant to organizational change.


Go Beyond Change Management and Project Management

The CLR Navigator School takes you well beyond the traditional approaches of project management and change management.

You develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully lead or consult to organization transformation, and how to set up your projects for success right from the start.

You learn numerous strategies to successfully handle the complex people dynamics of transformation.

Including how to build commitment, reduce resistance, optimize engagement, achieve full adoption, and deliver impactful change communications.

You also learn how to handle the complex process dynamics of transformation by developing a foundational understanding of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM).

You learn how to use the CLRM as a strategic guidance system, so you can effectively design and implement a successful change process for literally any type, scale or focus of change.

And, you get real work done!

Everything we teach is case-applied to you as a change leader or consultant and to your current project.

Hear from the Program Founders

Dr. Dean Anderson and Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson describe the power of what you will learn in the CLR Navigator School.

The CLR Nav School is Recognized by the Highest Industry Standard

The Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR) Navigator School is recognized by the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) as a Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™) course that aligns with the ACMP’s Standard for Change Management® and adult education best practices. Graduates of The CLR Navigator School receive 34 hours of professional development units (PDUs) towards their Certified Change Management Professional (CCMP™) credentialing.

Unlock the power of the most advanced and comprehensive change leadership methodology available.

We’ve been teaching the core of this program – Leading Transformation – for over thirty years. Leading Transformation is the first three days of the CLR Navigator School. You bring your current change project to work on in this portion of the program, dramatically advancing your current change plan. The remaining two days, called the CLR User Training, ensures your ability to effectively apply the wealth of change resources and tools in the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology to your project. You learn the logic flow of all nine phases of The Change Leader’s Roadmap and dig into its massive online resources. You explore the thirty CLR High Leverage Tasks and learn how to navigate the full breadth of the CLR’s guidance, which includes 120+ tools and worksheets and over 2000 pages of pragmatic information and guidance. We offer both the 3-day Leading Transformation program and the full 5-day CLR Navigator School in-house to our clients, and through our public training programs. Schedule an appointment with a Sr. Advisor to discuss which program is right for you.

The Nine Phases of The Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology


The CLR Navigator School is designed for change consultants, change leaders, project managers, change management and organization development practitioners, and intact project teams.

Access to the Online CLRM

Upon completion of CLR Navigator School, you receive a free four-month individual subscription to the online Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology, providing you unlimited access to its wealth of resources so you can apply them to your projects. For further information about subscriptions and licenses to the CLRM download the program overview.

Join the elite group of CLR Navigators who know how to lead transformation, build change capability, and set up their change projects for long-term success!

Schedule an appointment with a senior advisor to discuss how The Change Leader’s Roadmap Navigator School can navigate your organization’s transformation.