At a minimum, you will need the following to participate in our online courses:

Computer or Web Enabled Tablet or Smart Phone:

All Mac, PC or smart devices with internet access should be compatible with our online learning programs. Your device should also have audio and video playback capabilities.


Internet connection, either via wi-fi, land line or hot-spot will be required to participate in our online courses and activities. You will also need internet connectivity to participate in any online forums that you will be provided access to as part of your training program.
The speed or bandwidth offered by your internet provider will affect your overall experience, so we do suggest at least 2.5mbps up and down speed. And we strongly suggest you do not have background programs running while working within the Learning Management System, Community or Zoom as it could affect the software performance.

Web Browser:

We suggest using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari. However, Google Chrome is most compatible with our Learning Management System (LMS).

PDF Reader and Editing or Printing Capabilities:

In many of the courses you will be asked to complete self-guided worksheets, questionnaires, assessments, or other documents. Most of these will be provided in PDF format and will require you to download them to either print or fill in electronically.
If you prefer to fill them in electronically, make sure your PDF Reader of choice allows that functionality.

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