CLRM Renewal – My Choice Fees

Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology (CLRM) – My Choice Fees

We put the power of price in your hands. You choose your own CLRM subscription rate based on your use and the value to you, your organization or clients. Our published retail annual individual subscription to the CLRM is $975, but you can pay more or less, however you wish. If $975 is not right for you, simply change the amount to whatever you wish. We call this My Choice Fees. We hope you like it.

For graduates of in-house programs, you get this same package unless your organization has licensed the CLRM. In that case, your access is free as it is already paid for by your organization. If you leave your organization, you can still access the CLRM via My Choice Fees and an individual subscription.


Suggested price: $975.00

Suggested price: $975.00