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4Sight: Advanced Conscious Change Leadership Development Program

4Sight is our most advanced program for developing world-class conscious change leaders and consultants. It provides a deep dive into both personal and organization transformation. It advances self-mastery and vertical development and equips change leaders and consultants with the strategies, skills and methods to lead complex organization and community transformation. ...
28 Feb - 24 Jun
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Date: Feb 28 2022 - Jun 24 2022
The Center for Achieving Breakthrough
Durango, Colorado

Leading Transformational Change: 10 Key Strategies for Breakthrough Results Program Virtual Event

This online instructor-led course will enable you to deliver desired results from the complex change initiatives you lead or consult to. It supports corporate leaders, community leaders, activists, and all varieties of change consultants. You’ll finish this course knowing the most important next steps to take for your transformational change effort to succeed. ...
08 Mar - 07 Jun
Local Time
Date: Mar 08 2022 - Jun 07 2022
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How Visionary Leaders Build Trust and Create High Performing Teams

How to Build Trust in Your Leadership Teams

Building trust in teams takes more than hanging a motivational poster on a wall and having a leader who says all the “right” things. This webinar explores how to embed trust into teams and organizational culture and identifies the critical skills a visionary leader uses to create trust and develop teams for high performance.

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Integrating Culture Change in Project Scope, Design and Roll-Out Webinar
Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Integrating Culture Change to Project Scope, Design and Roll-Out

Every significant change is affected by the organization’s existing culture, either positively or as an inhibitor. It must be considered from the beginning and not as an after-thought. This webinar explores how to address culture change in all types of projects so that the cultural dynamics impacting them are overt and designed to support the sustainment of desired outcomes.

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Dean Anderson

Breakthrough Scales: Personal, Team, Organizational, Communities

Executive leaders are responsible for their teams to reach certain goals towards their organization’s vision. No matter what your pursuit – personal, relational, team, organizational, or community – in this webinar we explore the consistent human and process dynamics of transformation involved that play out in all levels of scale that help you reach your vision.

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