Leading Transformational Change Program

Transformational change is unlike any other type of change. It requires leaders to apply advanced strategies, non-conventional approaches and ways of Being that go far beyond traditional change and project management.



Watch as instructor, Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson, explores the ten strategies you will learn in the Leading Transformational Change online program. 


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The Leading Transformational Change: 10 Strategies for Breakthrough Results (LTC) program distills our four decades of action research in Fortune 500, government and global NGO organizations into ten Best Practice strategies. These strategies represent critical paradigm shifts for many leaders and consultants alike.

You’ll learn the paradigm shifts essential to seeing what’s missing, effectively leading transformation, and responding to constant change. These paradigm shifts will forever transform the way you think about and lead transformation.

Making these leaps in your understanding and capabilities will dramatically up-level your change leadership capabilities whether you’re a corporate, government, community or military leader, social or environmental activist, or a change consultant of any sort.

Watch as instructor, Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson, explores the ten strategies you will learn in this program. 




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About the 10 Strategies

This video provides an overview of the transformational change strategies you will learn.

The strategies you’ll learn represent the cutting-edge, best practice approach to transformational change. 

Five of these are People strategies that maximize leader and stakeholder commitment and engagement and reduce resistance. The remaining five are Change Process strategies that provide detailed how-to guidance for governing, planning, designing and implementing the work required to ensure your success.

Together, these ten strategies will ensure full adoption and sustainment of your desired results.

5 People Strategies

5 Change Process Design Strategies

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is a founding leader of the Organization Transformation field. Dr. Ackerman Anderson brings 40+ years of experience in facilitating and teaching transformational change in Fortune 1000 businesses, governments, the military and large not-for-profit organizations. Linda’s passion is to equip leaders and consultants with the capability to create transformational change strategies that produce extraordinary business outcomes while transforming leadership mindset and culture. She co-authored with Dr. Dean Anderson the seminal books on Conscious Change Leadership, "Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership" and "The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation."

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is the Co-Founder and VP of Being First, Inc.


Leading Transformational Change

10 Key Strategies for Breakthrough Results


Thriving in today’s complexities requires masterful change leadership skills. Learn our best practices, culled from 40 years of being strategic advisors to senior executives in Fortune 500, government, and global NGO organizations. Individually and collectively, these key strategies will generate a paradigm shift in your approach to change.

Learning these strategies will significantly increase your personal presence and capability as a corporate, government or community leader, activist, or change consultant. They will forever up-level the way you both think about and lead transformation.


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Developing Conscious Change Leaders who can transform themselves, their organizations, communities, and world.

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