Watch as Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson discuss the breakthroughs in trust and results that naturally occur when leaders develop greater self-mastery and the ability to dialogue openly.


Overview of the 10 Key Transformational Change Strategies

Featuring: Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson

This video summarizes the 10 Key Transformational Change Strategies culled from 40 years of best practices strategically advising senior executives in Fortune 500, government, and global NGO organizations.

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Become a Master at Leading Transformational Change

Our advanced online program, Leading Transformational Change, distills four decades of experience into ten actionable strategies. 

Making these leaps in your understanding and capabilities will dramatically up-level your change leadership capabilities whether you’re a corporate, government, community or military leader, social or environmental activist, or a change consultant of any sort.



Design a Course Correction System (TLIF5)

This Tool guides you through the process to design a course correction system—a task that includes developing a learning and course correction approach and the system to support it. This work is Task: Initiate Course Correction Strategy and System (Task I.F.5), which is part of the CLR Activity I.F Build Infrastructure and Conditions to Support Change Effort.

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Free Courses

10 Key Transformation Strategies

This free mini course, previously delivered in a live workshop, explores the ten key strategies for leading transformational change. These strategies have been culled from 40 years of advising senior executives of large, complex systems like NATO, Microsoft, city, state and federal governments, and global NGO’s. You will walk away knowing what you need to do to increase the success of your transformational change effort.

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In-Person Programs

Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change

This in-person program is a powerful – often life and career changing – executive, leadership and team development process. It catalyzes breakthrough in the mindsets, behavior and performance of leaders, and develops deep trust, collaboration and alignment in teams. Leadership Breakthrough teaches the foundation for vertical leadership development and self, relationship and team mastery.

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