In this two-part video series, Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson explore adult ego, vertical development and the powerful transformations that occur within leaders, teams and organizations as they develop vertically. 


Bill Torbert and Dean Anderson Explore Vertical Development and Adult Ego

Featuring: Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson

Most of us strive to be leaders, but we’re all just normal human beings, first and foremost. We all have an ego conditioned to respond to situations as we do. These are our habits, tendencies, and default ways of being, working and relating.

We all have a higher Self, or Being, which allows us to observe our ego’s in action and change when we are consciously aware. With increasing self-awareness and the positive change that can follow, we can develop ourselves – from the inside out- and improve our leadership performance.

The Key to Vertical Leadership Development

The first key to increase our understanding of how the ego works in us and all other human beings. This is important because learning to recognize our self-limiting patterns in our reactions to challenging situations—and how they are toxic to our relationships with others and our own success—is a powerful step in our vertical development as leaders. As these internal barriers fall away, your inherent transformational skills and capability will shine through.

In this two-part video series, Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson explore adult ego and vertical development. You’ll hear about the powerful transformations between leaders, teams and organizations and the types of results produced.

For a deeper dive watch the webinar: Vertical Leadership Development: The Answer to Today’s Organizational and Social Challenges.

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