Watch as Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson discuss the breakthroughs in trust and results that naturally occur when leaders develop greater self-mastery and the ability to dialogue openly.


How Leaders Solve Complex Challenges in a VUCA Environment

with Dr. Dean Anderson & Andrew Johnson

Featuring: Bill Torbert and Dr. Dean Anderson

In the present lifetime of most senior executives, the world has shifted from one that was generally more linear, stable and predictable to a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) environment. The natural response is to do what has worked in the past: try to problem-solve our way out of it. Underlying these behaviors is the executive’s mindset that attempts to tame chaotic external conditions into comfortable, predictable order.

In this snippet, Dean and Andrew describe why leaders must transform these mindsets and behaviors to expand their worldview and see the broader perspectives necessary to solve complex challenges in a VUCA environment.


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