The Upstream Stage of Leading Organizational Change: Project Launch Webinar

Instructor: Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Key Takeaways:

How often do your projects get launched without clear roles, decision authorities, direction, or outcomes?

Learn a standard of excellence for the Upstream Stage of organizational change and transformation that launches projects with the key deliverables essential to their success.

The Upstream Stage of a change initiative—its launch—has several critical decisions that require sponsors and change leaders to focus, input to, and determine before they can rightfully delegate the initiative to a project team, staff it adequately and enable it to have clear guidance and direction.

This work cannot be left to the project team, as they typically do not have the information or influence to determine these key decisions. While they can guess at Scope, Schedule, Budget, there is more to standing up a project than these guardrails.

The Upstream Stage is work for the senior leaders. Consider how much attention you currently give to determining the Case for Change, compelling desired outcomes, Change Strategy, scope, governance roles and structure, adequate project staffing, decision authorities, and determination of design requirements and boundary conditions that will shape the best solution. These are critical to being able to communicate and stand up an initiative with a sound foundation.

As leaders, we can orchestrate these decisions. As change consultants, we need to facilitate leaders to make these decisions.

Learn about the power and necessity of the Upstream Stage of change and how you can best support it to be handled intelligently and thoroughly.


Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is a founding leader of the Organization Transformation field. Dr. Ackerman Anderson brings 40+ years of experience in facilitating and teaching transformational change in Fortune 1000 businesses, governments, the military and large not-for-profit organizations. Linda’s passion is to equip leaders and consultants with the capability to create transformational change strategies that produce extraordinary business outcomes while transforming leadership mindset and culture. She co-authored with Dr. Dean Anderson the seminal books on Conscious Change Leadership, "Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership" and "The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation."

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is the Co-Founder and VP of Being First, Inc.

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