Pursuing Your Own Vertical Leadership Development

Instructor: Dr. Dean Anderson

Prior to downloading this assessment, learn more about the stages of vertical leadership development in the webinar: Vertical Leadership Development: The Answer to Today’s Organizational and Social Challenges

What is Vertical Leadership Development?

Vertical Leadership Development is the cutting edge of executive and leadership development.

Vertical Leadership Development is about expanding worldviews and raising leaders’ consciousness to higher levels or “stages of development.” It expands their perspective to see and include more of the dynamics at play, catalyzing new aha’s, insights and solutions.

In contrast, traditional executive development delivers horizontal learning: it provides new knowledge, skills and methods, all within the existing conventional paradigm or worldview. 

Vertical development opens new possibilities for transformation and breakthrough. With a bigger mind, leaders can take on bigger challenges.

This vertical leadership development assessment lists 20 key developments leaders make as they move from conventional to post-conventional stages. Think of it like climbing a ladder or mountain peak and seeing from a higher place. The next, more advanced stage of development provides a larger, more holistic perspective, a more inclusive line of sight to the dynamics at play. Each stage supports your increasing development and success as a transformational leader.


Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson

Dr. Dean Anderson is an international thought leader, speaker, bestselling author, and strategic advisor to the C-Suite. For 40 years, Dr. Anderson has been guiding transformational leaders of Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and global non-profit organizations to integrate the inner work of personal transformation and mindfulness with advanced methodologies that guides leaders in HOW to design and implement transformational change successfully. Dean is passionate about co-creation — the high-performance way of Being, working and relating that brings people of diverse perspectives together to solve complex challenges and produce breakthrough results for all.

Dr. Dean Anderson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Being First, Inc.

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is a founding leader of the Organization Transformation field. Dr. Ackerman Anderson brings 40+ years of experience in facilitating and teaching transformational change in Fortune 1000 businesses, governments, the military and large not-for-profit organizations. Linda’s passion is to equip leaders and consultants with the capability to create transformational change strategies that produce extraordinary business outcomes while transforming leadership mindset and culture. She co-authored with Dr. Dean Anderson the seminal books on Conscious Change Leadership, "Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership" and "The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation."

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson is the Co-Founder and VP of Being First, Inc.

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