Transform and Achieve Breakthrough: An Intro to Conscious Change Leadership

This free course introduces you to Being First’s Approach to transformation and how to achieve breakthrough results in yourself, your organization and / or community. It describes what breakthrough is, why transformation is required to achieve it, and how to develop the necessary transformational leadership skills. It introduces you to Conscious Change Leadership, a profound new way of thinking about, framing and addressing human performance and organization transformation.


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In this free course, you will gain insight into the answers to these critical questions:

In this course, you will discover Being First’s Approach to transformation and achieving breakthrough results in all aspects of life. You will see how Conscious Change Leadership is the vehicle that develops transformational leaders and consultants who can successfully lead the transformations needed to achieve our biggest goals.

You will discover a profound new way to think about, frame and address human performance and organization transformation. This will open your heart and mind to new horizons. You will uncover the possibilities for positive impact you can have in your world, both personally and professionally.

Let this free course inspire you to become the best transformational leader possible, capable of changing the world!

What You’ll Learn in this Course

Upon completing this course, you’ll be able to:

Course Overview


Individuals or Teams: Organizational leaders, community leaders and activists, change consultants

course design

Self-paced content, including videos and exercises

Course Type

Online, self-paced lessons and activities


Approximately 45 minutes


Internet access; web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone with video capabilities; free PDF Reader


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Ratings and Reviews

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2 Ratings
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Margaret Cruz
Posted 1 day ago
Clear and Concise

I'm very impressed with this model and so impressed with how the "human dynamics" component is incorporated as an integral part of this process. I can already sense this training will serve me well as colleague, leader, and coach

Virginie Carrier
Posted 2 days ago
Impressive model

I am very impressed with the level of integration of the Conscious Change Leadership model and how each of the components, taken individually and together, influence transformation for the better.

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!
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Course Includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • 8 Topics