Where Visionary Leaders,
passionate about transformation and
human development, come to
co-create, learn and grow.

The purpose of The Center is
to convene, develop and deploy
Conscious Change Leaders who can lead transformation in themselves and the world.

Welcome to The Center for Achieving Breakthrough

Our Co-Founder, Dr. Dean Anderson, describes what The Center is all about.

The Center provides
training and development opportunities, from free webinars to year-long advanced training programs. 

Upcoming Webinars

How Leaders Use Mindfulness to Drive Organizational Culture 

Mindfulness is all the talk in cutting-edge leadership circles. However, too frequently it is dumbed down and not used to its fullest benefit.

In this webinar, you will experience the power of mindfulness as a leader, while exploring what it really takes to use mindfulness as a driver to transform your organization's culture, mindset, processes, and systems.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand mindfulness - what it is and why it’s not a magic bullet
  • Discover ways to apply mindfulness within your organization that will drive achieving your vision and mission
  • Learn a simple exercise to enhance your mindfulness practice as a leader

Andrew Johnson

Thursday, March 14, 2019

How leaders use mindfulness to Drive Organizational Culture

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Webinar Archives

Vertical Leadership 
Development: The Answer to Today's Challenges

We live in a VUCA world – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Navigating this world presents a massive leadership challenge. Solutions do not come easy. Conventional leadership development is insufficient to prepare leaders to meet these challenges.

Vertical leadership development provides part of the answer. It develops leaders from the inside out. Like climbing a ladder to get a bigger perspective, it expands their mindset and worldview, so they can handle greater complexity.

This increases innovation, creativity and the ability to lead into the future.

Are you ready to explore vertical leadership development?

Dr. Dean Anderson

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Scales of Breakthrough:
Personal, Team, Organizational

Breakthrough means busting through current limitations and performance ceilings.

Achieving breakthrough in any endeavor is thrilling, and a quintessential challenge. It takes know-how, skill and method.

In this webinar, we'll unveil the consistent dynamics for achieving breakthrough at all levels of scale - from individual, to team, to organizational.

This understanding equips leaders with the foundation for achieving breakthrough in all their pursuits.

Dr. Dean Anderson

Thursday, January 10, 2019

How to Grow Yourself from the Inside Out to Maximize Career Success and Personal Satisfaction

In this webinar, we will unpack the challenge of accepting yourself as you are (now) while changing the aspects of yourself that are not optimal or to your liking. We will also address how to use your life experiences, and personal reactions to them, to spur your personal development.

The goal of this conversation is to set the foundation for maximizing your career success and personal satisfaction so you and your life can be all that it can be.

Discover how to become your Best Self.

Dr. Dean Anderson

Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Upstream Stage of Leading Organizational Change:

The Most Important and
the Least Attended

Typically, leaders are so rushed to get the right solution to their problem that they blindly delegate project launch without providing adequate guidance.

This goes well beyond the declaration of Scope, Schedule, Budget!  This webinar explores how to launch effectively. As leaders or change consultants, we can help our sponsors and project leaders to do this work by understanding the deliverables of this stage and how to get leaders to produce them prior to a public launch.

Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Manage Your Inner State for High Performance

No matter what your pursuit - leadership, sports, parenting, life in general - the ability to manage your inner state is the foundation for success.

The better you are at this, the more you deliver your full potential. Without this superpower, high performance is hit and miss.

Learn the fundamentals of managing your mind and emotions to express your Best Self in all you do.

Dr. Dean Anderson

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Upcoming Training Programs

Walk the Talk is our flagship program for developing executives and their teams to lead transformation and breakthrough in themselves and their organizations. 

“Life changing and career-enhancing” is how most participants describe its impact.

It develops leaders from the inside out, enabling you to transform your mindset and behavior so you can deliver breakthrough results for your organization, solve your most complex strategic challenges, and successfully lead the transformation of your organization and culture.

Upcoming Program Dates:
May 6-10, 2019

The Navigator School is our foundational program for developing your standard of excellence as a change leader or consultant.

It takes you well beyond the traditional approaches of project management and change management. You develop a deep understanding of what it takes to successfully lead or consult to organization transformation.

You learn numerous strategies to successfully handle the complex people dynamics and process dynamics of transformation; by learning how to use a strategic guidance system to effectively design and implement a successful change process for any type, scale or focus of change.

Upcoming Program Dates:
June 10-14, 2019

4Sight is our most advanced program for change leaders and consultants who want to develop themselves to the highest degree possible. 

Conscious Change Leadership embraces the most advanced perspectives, methods, techniques, and wisdom in human development and organizational transformation.

This approach broadens your perspective to see solutions others miss, sharpens your intuition and deepens your ability to lead, motivate and engage others.

You'll learn how to achieve full adoption and sustainment of change results, on every initiative you lead or consult to.

2020 Program Dates:
(4x) 1-week Sessions: January - May

Experience The Center

The Center is a hotbed of thought leadership and co-creativity.

Here visionary leaders will find a deeper, more comprehensive, more sincere investigation and conversation about how people, organizations and communities transform and evolve. 

Come join and contribute to this conversation.

Push the envelope of cutting-edge approaches to transformation

Learn and share best practices for achieving breakthrough

Co-create with other brilliant visionary leaders and practitioners

Test newly developed methods, tools and techniques for positive change

The Center is a Community – a global network of highly competent and experienced visionary leaders.

Come to meet other leaders and change agents with similar roles as you, and a passion to make a positive difference in the world.

The people you meet here are committed to their own personal development and excellence – being the best they can be – and changing their organizations and communities.

No matter their interest or occupation, Center participants are people with a commitment to personal growth and excellence, transformation and building a better future.

CEO's, senior executives and other leaders 

Government officials

Community leaders and activists

Org Dev consultants, project managers, LEAN consultants and others

Co-create with other brilliant leaders and practitioners

High-performing Athletes

The Center is available for executive retreats, with world-class facilitation provided as needed.

The Center is located just outside breathtaking Durango, in Southwest Colorado in a beautiful mountain retreat setting. You can rent the entire facility for your executive retreat or meeting, including a conference room for 25 participants and sleeping rooms for some of your guests. For large groups, local hotels and world-class restaurants are just seven minutes away.

The Durango area is a mecca for outdoor activities – skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fishing, rafting, boating, jeep tours and horseback riding. Mesa Verde and Telluride are just an hour or so drive away, so your group has plenty of off-day activity options.

Being First can provide senior consultants to design and facilitate just about any type of meeting to serve your needs on a wide variety of topics, including:

Organization transformation

Business strategy

Culture change

Vision, mission and values creation

Complex problem-solving using our proprietary breakthrough methods

Team development and alignment

Leadership breakthrough and modeling

Self-mastery and personal change

Change initiative design and planning

Experiential exercises and team building with on-property ropes course and expert facilitators

Would you like to experience The Center for Achieving Breakthrough?

Schedule an appointment with a senior advisor to discuss which of the robust Center offerings are right for you.


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Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas

In this blog, we’ll discuss the four key areas that visionary leaders must address to identify the breakthroughs required to achieve their big visions.

Human Dynamics in Organizational Change

Transformation is a unique type of organizational change that often triggers significant human dynamics that, if not addressed, can become the cause of failure.
Often, leaders do not know how to handle these human dynamics, but in transformational leadership, they become leverage points for success. Here’s how.

What Every CEO Should Know for Successful Change

As CEO, your style and actions have direct impact on your organization’s results from change.

Even with the best team hired to execute this change, how you sponsor and lead during this time can make or break your return on investment.

Stop Playing the "Blame Game" in Your Organization with a Shift in Mindset

Achieving breakthrough in business or cultural results requires people operating at higher states of thinking and acting.

Blame culture is the single largest drain of human potential in organizations and will prevent you from achieving the breakthroughs you need to achieve your vision.

Building a Transformation Strategy that Achieves Your Company Vision

A transformation strategy that will realize your organization's vision requires an integrated strategy that addresses both the content and the people simultaneously.

This enables you to achieve your breakthroughs and realize your organizational vision.

Up-Level Your Change Consulting Skills: Go Beyond Change Management to Change Leadership

Most organizations undergoing change have various types of change support staff in place. But each is not always equipped to ensure that the organization sees the full return on investment.

Are you equipped with the skills, knowledge, and influence that allow you to strategically guide change initiatives from the start to sustained business results?

Top Five Best Practices of Executive Sponsorship of Change

After observing and working with senior sponsors of organizational change for four decades, we have seen the best and the worst.

Are you a good sponsor? Are you doing what your change efforts need to be successful and sustainable over time?

The Power of the Co-Creative Approach to the Big Win

Co-creating is a way of thinking and relating with others who are working toward the same outcomes.

It is a simple and powerful approach that completely alters the terrain of political mine fields and competition.

How to Practice Mindfulness to Unlock Human Potential

If you want to be first – win, perform your best, increase market share, or any other objective you may have – then put your “Being” first.

Mindfulness is the start of your self-development that can lead to greater success in every aspect of your life.

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