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Change Strategy
Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson

10 Key Transformation Strategies

This mini course explores the ten key strategies for leading transformational change and helps you identify the organizational, cultural and leadership barriers that limit performance when leading transformation.

Executive Development
Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson

Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change

Leadership Breakthrough is a powerful – often life and career changing – executive, leadership and team development process. It catalyzes breakthrough in the mindsets, behavior and performance of leaders, and develops deep trust, collaboration and alignment in teams. This in-person program teaches the foundation for vertical leadership development and self, relationship and team mastery.

Transform and Achieve Breakthrough
Achieving Breakthrough
Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson

Transform and Achieve Breakthrough: An Intro to Conscious Change Leadership

This free course introduces you to Being First’s Approach to transformation and how to achieve breakthrough results in yourself, your organization and / or community. It describes what breakthrough is, why transformation is required to achieve it, and how to develop the necessary transformational leadership skills. It introduces you to Conscious Change Leadership, a profound new way of thinking about, framing and addressing human performance and organization transformation.

Transformational Change
Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson

Leading Transformational Change: 10 Strategies for Breakthrough Results

This online instructor-led course will enable you to deliver desired results from the complex change initiatives you lead or consult to. It supports corporate leaders and change experts, community leaders, social or environmental activists, and all varieties of change and project management consultants. You’ll finish this course knowing the most important next steps to take for your transformational change effort to succeed.


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