All of our programs, courses and communities can be found online at Some items require you to have a Breakthrough Member account. You will set up your account when you enroll in your first course, program, or community, or access your first resource that requires such an account. Once your account is established you will continue to use that same account to access any further resources or courses. You will login on the site using the login button on our home page. On rare occasion we may set up your account for you. In those instances, we will email you your confirmation of enrollment and login information separately.

Once you have set up a Breakthrough Member account, all programs, courses and communities will be easily accessible from your Member Dashboard (home page). Many users find this handy for navigating the system, so even if you are not required to have an account, you may find value in creating one anyway! For more information about your member home page and how to navigate it, see our separate LMS Member Dashboard Cheat Sheet (in the Materials Tab).

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