Our founders, Dr. Dean Anderson and Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson, are the authors of the bestselling thought leadership books on leading transformational change, which introduces the foundations of Conscious Change Leadership and The Change Leader’s Roadmap (CLR).

Our books and the CLR are the foundations for the University of Massachusetts Global’s Organizational Leadership Doctoral Program, the fastest growing program in the United States. Linda and Dean received Honorary Doctorates from UMASS Global, formerly known as Brandman University, for their contribution catalyzing this new field of study.

"The masters of transformation...."

“These books are about mastery of leading the transformation change process written by masters of the craft.“

Daryl Conner
Chairman, Conner Partners and Author of "Managing at the Speed of Change"

"Powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today..."

“These books provide powerful business solutions to the current chaos facing many organizations today. Their approach gets to the heart of change, the human dynamics, by offering timeless techniques and tools.”

Ken Blanchard
Co-Founder of The Ken Blanchard Companies & Co-Author of "The One Minute Manager"

"The best integral approach to business transformation..."

“The best books ever written on an integral approach to business transformation.”

Ken Wilber
Co-founder of Integral Life & Author of "The Integral Vision"
Beyond Change Management Book

Beyond Change Management:
How to Achieve Breakthrough Results through Conscious Change Leadership

This book outlines Being First's highly successful multi-dimensional, process approach to transformation, Conscious Change Leadership. This approach addresses change at the organizational, team, relational and personal levels.

The Change Leader's Roadmap Book

The Change Leader's Roadmap:
How to Navigate Your Organization's Transformation

This book builds on the frameworks in Beyond Change Management, outlining Being First's cutting edge change process methodology, refined over 40 years of consulting to large-scale organizational change and transformation efforts.